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Twig Wysecki is a childhood friend of Jonah Ford and a former member of his entourage.


First appearing in the final season episode Jump Then Fall, he first meets Maddie when she is invited by Jonah to a nightclub. Twig comes off as hyper and Jonah asks him to leave her alone. As they leave the club, they are pursued by the paparazzi.  Later at Jonah's house, he, Maddie and his entourage are watching a horror movie when Twig discovers that the tabloids have posted photos of Twig and Maddie, labelling her as his new girlfriend.

Twig next meets Maddie at the recording studio while they are waiting for Jonah to show up and he reveals that he has known Jonah since the eighth grade.  After Jonah invites Maddie to Miami for the weekend, he is called away for an audition for Richard Linklater's new movie and while she is visibly disappointed she bonds with Twig after the latter is coaxed into doing magic mushrooms with the other members of Jonah's entourage. He reveals to her that his mother had mental issues so being the eldest child he had to care for his two younger siblings.

He begins to develop romantic feelings for Maddie but she rejects them as she tells him that she loves Jonah. However, when Jonah gets back in contact with his ex-girlfriend Mia, Twig is made promise to keep this fact from Maddie. At a pyjamas party she finds Jonah and Mia together and breaks up with him, initially angry at Twig for not telling her the truth. Twig takes his anger out on Jonah and later refuses to go to Europe with him. He meets Maddie at the benefit concert for the ranch and tells her what he did. They kiss and become a couple.

In the series finale, Maddie decides to call off her relationship with him as she wants to be on her own for the time being.