Tandy Hampton (born Tandy Wyatt) is the daughter of Lamar Wyatt and Virginia Wyatt, sister of the late Rayna Jaymes and sister-in-law of Deacon Claybourne. She is the former sister in law of Teddy Conrad.


Season One

Tandy is CFO of her wealthy father's company, Wyatt Industries. She is close to her sister, Rayna Jaymes. Rayna even seeks her advice as to whether she (Rayna) has been slutty. Tandy advises Rayna against getting back together with Deacon.

Tandy is also, at the start of the season, close to her father, Lamar. When Rayna's husband, Teddy Conrad, is elected Mayor of Nashville, she feigns shock that he would buy the election for Teddy. "I'll never speak to you again", she kids him. He replies with a big grin.

When Lamar has a heart attack, Rayna and Tandy both wait in the hospital for hours. But it is Tandy who agrees to go get some sleep, leaving it Rayna whom Lamar finds there when he awakens. 

Handling Lamar's business for him whilst he recovers, Tandy finds out that it was Teddy's girlfriend Peggy who broke news of Teddy's divorce from Rayna to the press, and she tells him. Teddy finds out that Lamar was trying to influence him through Peggy, and cancels some government contracts with Lamar's company.

Perhaps perceiving her father to be losing his memory, Tandy broaches the possibility of her taking over his role to the board of the company. Lamar walks in on a later meeting where she's in his chair. 

Tandy seeks an alliance with Teddy's deputy, Coleman, advising him to dig into Teddy's past. Coleman resigns as Teddy's deputy, with the intent of staying clear of a fight between Teddy, Lamar, and Tandy.   

In the last episode of Season One, Tandy gives her father, Lamar, her resignation, and is approached by a man from the U.S. Attorney's Office, who'd like to talk with her about Lamar.

Season Two

Tandy is addressed as "Tandy Hampton" by someone who advises her that her mother's death might not have been an accident, after all.   



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