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=== Main Cast: ===
=== Main Cast: ===
* [[Hayden Panettiere]] as [[Juliette Barnes]]
*[[Hayden Panettiere]] as [[Juliette Barnes]]
* [[Clare Bowen]] as [[Scarlett O'Connor]]
*[[Clare Bowen]] as [[Scarlett O'Connor]]
* [[Cameron Scoggins]] as [[Zach Welles]]
*[[Chris Carmack]] as [[Will Lexington]] 
* [[Chris Carmack]] as [[Will Lexington]]
*[[Kaitlin Doubleday]] as [[Jessie Caine]]
* [[Charles Esten]] as [[Deacon Claybourne]]
*[[Charles Esten]] as [[Deacon Claybourne]]
* [[Jonathan Jackson]] as [[Avery Barkley]]
*[[Jonathan Jackson]] as [[Avery Barkley]]
* [[Sam Palladio]] as [[Gunnar Scott]]
*[[Jeffrey Nordling]] as [[Brad Maitland]] 
* [[Lennon Stella]] as [[Maddie Conrad]]
*[[Sam Palladio]] as [[Gunnar Scott]] 
* [[Maisy Stella]] as [[Daphne Conrad]]
*[[Lennon Stella]] as [[Maddie Conrad]]
* [[Kaitlin Doubleday]] as [[Jessie Caine]]
*[[Maisy Stella]] as [[Daphne Conrad]]
=== Guest Stars: ===
=== Guest Stars: ===

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Second Chances
Season 6, Episode 2
First Aired January 11, 2018
Episode Guide
"New Strings"
"Jump Then Fall"

Second Chances is the second episode of the final season of Nashville.  It was written by Jesse Zwick and directed by Mike Binder. It aired on January 11, 2018.



Main Cast:

Guest Stars:


Song Title Performer(s)
Ain't No Normal Scarlett O'Connor
Right Where You Want Me Will Lexington & Gunnar Scott
Stop the World (And Let Me Off) Will Lexington, Avery Barkley & Gunnar Scott

Background Songs

  1. "Wait Right Here" by Frances Cone
  2. "Weakness" by Margo Price


Season Six
#601 "New Strings" #609 "Pick Yourself Up"
#602 "Second Chances" #610 "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane"
#603 "Jump Then Fall" #611 "No Place That Far"
#604 "That's My Story" #612 "The House That Built Me"
#605 "Where the Night Goes" #613 "Strong Enough to Bend"
#606 "Beneath Still Waters" #614 "For the Sake of the Song"
#607 "Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound" #615 "I Don't Want to Lose You Yet"
#608 "Sometimes You Just Can't Win" #616 "Beyond the Sunset"
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