Season Three
Season Three, Episode 1-22
Nashville (Season 3)
First Aired September 24, 2014
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Season Three of Nashville premiered on ABC on September 24, 2014 and concluded, officially, on May 13, 2015.

The season deals with Rayna's attempts to get Highway 65 off the ground while planning her wedding to Luke.  Elsewhere, Juliette learns that she's pregnant but isn't sure if the father is Avery or Jeff Fordham.  However, the father is revealed to be Avery and he asks her to marry him.  She also secures a role in a Patsy Cline biopic.

Meanwhile, Gunnar's relationship with Zoey is tested when his ex-girlfriend, Kiley, turns up in town and he learns that she has a son.  Elsewhere, Scarlett befriends a homeless man who can help her with her writers' block.  Will begins working with a singer called Kevin Bicks, leading to the two embarking on a romantic relationship with Will eventually publicly announcing that he is gay.


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1. "That's Me Without You" September 24, 2014 5.80

Plot: Rayna makes a decision on whom to marry; Luke or Deacon. While auditioning to play the role of Patsy Cline for a movie, Juliette lets her emotions of her break-up show through. As Scarlett prepares to leave for Mississippi, Avery stops by saying that he wants to go with her. Gunnar surprises them in the car, trying to convince Scarlett to stay but she rides off with him anyway. Juliette receives shocking news and Layla processes Will's confession about being gay.

2. "How Far Down Can I Go" October 1, 2014 5.34

Plot: After getting the news that her album has been bumped from the #1 spot on the charts, Rayna tries to figure out how to make sure that her album does well in today's music. Maddie is not happy that her mother is marrying Luke so she takes it out on Deacon by saying that he should have tried harder to get her. He tells her that he did by proposing to her but she said no. Jeff looks to sign a singer named Sadie Stone after being told by his boss that he needs a female on his roster. At the doctor Juliette is relieved when she figures out that Jeff can't be the father of her baby because she is too far along.

3. "I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life" October 8, 2014 5.61

Plot: With Rayna and Luke both having busy schedules, they have to figure out when it's best to get married. Juliette struggles with morning sickness and has to keep excusing herself during tour rehearsals. Glenn and Emily are concerned so they go snooping around her home to find clues, thinking she is on drugs. She catches them in the act and tells them that she is not on drugs. Gunnar runs into his first love, a girl named Kiley and Deacon finds comfort with Luke's backup singer, Pam. Layla goes to Jeff blackmailing him into making her next album go gold, if not she will out Will.

4. "I Feel Sorry For Me" October 15, 2014 5.02

Plot: Juliette turns to Rayna and tells her, Glenn and Emily that she is pregnant. She wants to keep her pregnancy discreet and plans to give the baby up for adoption. Jeff wins a trip to go golfing with Teddy where he butters up to him, asks about his girls, and also mentions that he once played in a band. Zoey thinks there something going on between Gunnar and Scarlett after finding them in a storage room. Scarlett tells her it's just a song and they were there to plan a surprise party for her. Things heat up between Deacon and Pam. Glenn visits Avery and tells him to go see Juliette but he turns him down. Receiving offers from both Highway 65 and Edgehill, Sadie decides to sign with Rayna after being convinced that Jeff only wants her so he can show her off to his board nothing more. In retaliation Jeff calls someone about looking to sign two sisters then waves to Teddy. Avery continues to drink and avoids Juliette until she has to bail him out of jail.

5. "Road Happy" October 22, 2014 5.37

Plot: While getting ready to start community service Avery gets a text from Juliette saying that she is pregnant with his baby. Rayna, her girls, Luke and his son spend the day together while Rayna and Luke film a commercial in Iowa. Deacon doesn't like that Luke is spending the day off with Maddie and he's not. Gunnar discovers that Kylie, his first love has a 9 and a half year old son. Avery comes to Juliette's movie trailer, yelling that she is pregnant with his baby. Noah, Juliette's co-star overheard Avery and tells her that he will keep her secret safe. Will gets jumped by two guys in the park and gets called a homophobic slur, Layla tries to write her own songs that aren't mushy love songs, Scarlett befriends a homeless man and Juliette rushes off stage then passes out.

6. "Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy" October 29, 2014 5.59

Plot: The CMA nominations are announced with Rayna leading with the most nominations; she questions if its because she is with Luke. Will's own nomination causes tension between him and Layla. After passing out, Juliette is rushed to the hospital to be checked out. Everything is okay. Avery drives all night to Cincinatti to check on her only to be surprised when Noah walks in. Gunnar wants to spend time with Micah even though Kiley is hesitant. Juliette discovers that she has a condition that causes her to have blood clots; the doctor orders her to stop touring and she also talks with Avery regarding the baby. Maddie and Colt throw a party at Rayna's and Daphne has to call the police because Teddy won't answer his phone. Teddy is not happy when finds out that woman he was seeing was an escort hired by Jeff. Juliette finally tells the world that she is pregnant and that Avery is the father.

7. "I'm Coming Home to You" November 12, 2014 5.66

Plot: Two months have passed and Rayna is busy between work and family time. Her Rolling Stone interview gets in the way of things leaving Luke frustrated since he hasn't seen her much in two months. Juliette and Avery argue over to find out the gender of the baby or not and other things. While Kiley is visiting her boyfriend, Micah stays with Gunnar and Zoey; he has found that Gunnar is his dad. Layla and Will are able to get along and attend the priemere of their reality show but things turn when she is portrayed as a ditz. The homeless man that Scarlett befriended, Terry returns. They write music together and he tells her about his past including how his family passed away years ago. Scarlett googles him and sees that he once had a hit song. Juliette feels that she is all alone but Emily informs that she isn't. During the home interview for Rolling Stone, Rayna, Luke and the reporter walk in on Maddie and Colt making out. In exchange for writing about what the reporter saw Rayna is willing to tell her story about Deacon. Avery decides to be involved with pregnancy and for the first time feel the baby kick. Wondering where Kiley is, Gunnar calls her only to be told that she is leaving Micah with him so she can leave town to be with her boyfriend who doesn't want kids.

8. "You're Lookin' at Country" November 19, 2014 5.52

Plot: It's finally the night of the CMA's with Rayna and Luke competing against each other for Entertainer of the Year. Before the show while looking for something in Luke's bag, Rayna comes across a prenup which surprises her. Gunnar and Zoey deal with being sudden parents to Micah. It's around the one year anniversary of Jolene's death and Juilette has flashbacks of her childhood. She also meets Avery's parents.  However, his father doesn't agree with him and Juilette being parents. Rayna wins big at the CMA's including Entertainer of the Year. Luke is upset with her since she thanked Deacon during one of her speeches and that she came with him not Deacon. He also tells her that the only reason why her album went gold is because he proposed to her the day it was released. At the show Micah runs off leaving Gunnar frantic and so he looks for him making him miss winning an award. He finds him and Micah says that he went to the restroom but got lost. Sadie and Luke also win, Will and Layla sing together. At home Luke apologizes for his attitude, didn't mean what he said earlier and that his ego got the best of him.

9. "Two Sides to Every Story" December 3, 2014 5.26
Plot: Rayna continues to pull out all stops in self-promotion, this time by agreeing to do a televised Christmas special from her home, for charity, with Luke and the children. When Rayna invites Deacon to join the filming, things get awkward fast – her magazine cover story has reverberations for her personal life. Meantime, it’s Nashville’s Winterfest, and Zoey, Gunnar and Avery have an opportunity to perform and get signed with a manager. Will and Layla go to Winterfest and each find solace but separately.
10. "First to Have A Second Chance" December 10, 2014 5.65

Plot: When Luke finally returns home after wrapping up his tour just days before he and Rayna tie the knot, Rayna starts to feel conflicted about leaving their kids to go out on the road again, especially after she discovers that Luke has been making parenting decisions without her. She also starts to think about her future. Meanwhile, Will invites Layla on tour in an effort to keep her close but when he sees her flirting with Jeff at a party, he begins to feel like he’s losing control of their situation. At the party a woman hits on him, when he declines she says that the gay rumors about him are true so he sleeps with her to make her believe they are not true. Juliette invites Avery to move in with her temporarily after the baby is born but he decides to propose to her instead. Deacon receives bad news; Gunnar finds out that Micah is really his brother's son, Sadie gets a visit from an ex, and Rayna makes a decision.

11. "I'm Not That Good at Goodbye" February 4, 2015 5.05

Plot: Now that Rayna has cancelled their wedding, Luke is not going quietly, and Rayna's own daughters don't take the news well, either. Juliette and Avery adjust to married life with a few bumps along the way, and Gunnar fights for custody of Micah. Sadie tries to take control of her own problems with her ex by buying a gun, and Deacon gets dire news about his medical condition.

12. "I've Got Reasons To Hate You" February 11, 2015 5.18

Plot: Rumors start to fly surrounding Rayna and Luke’s breakup but Rayna’s determined not to let them bring her down and finds a way to return to the public eye on her own terms. Juliette’s pregnancy is starting to make her stir crazy and she’s eager to get her career back on track, but at what cost? Then, Scarlett plans a surprise for Deacon, but it doesn't pan out as she had hoped. Later, Gunnar travels to Austin to mend fences with his estranged nephew and Teddy stops by Maddie and Daphne’s recording session at school where he unexpectedly runs into Jeff.

13. "I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong" February 18, 2015 4.72

Plot: Rayna is furious when she finds out Jeff Fordham's plans to sign Maddie to Edgehill. Luke enlists Gunnar in his efforts to forget his heartbreak, first by writing revenge songs, and then by carousing and they bring a cautious Will along for the bar hopping. Sadie is tormented by her stalker ex-husband and brings her expensive recording session with Avery to a standstill, jeopardizing his job. And Deacon's secrecy over his illness causes him to push Maddie away.

14. "Somebody Pick Up My Pieces" February 25, 2015 4.86

Plot: After Rayna forced Jeff's hand by revealing his indiscretions to the board members, Edgehill Republic begins to crumble along with Jeff's career. Later, Deacon considers a clinical trial he may be eligible for to receive alternative treatment. To cope with her stress, Scarlett turns to writing again and reconnects with Gunnar, who's doing the same. Avery begins work producing Sadie's new album, while Juliette keeps busy by posing for a Vogue Magazine spread. Then finally, Sadie opens up to Rayna about her ex-husband.

15. "That's the Way Love Goes" March 4, 2015 5.31

Plot: Rayna's anniversary of her induction into the Grand Ole Opry is cause for celebration and guest starring cameos by country stars Vince Gill and Lorrie Morgan as themselves. Rayna reaches out to Deacon and her daughters to perform with her, prompting the girls' hopes of the couple reuniting romantically. Will is uncomfortable when he's paired with an out gay man to collaborate on songwriting. Sadie is interviewed by Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" and goes public about her private battle.

16. "I Can't Keep Away from You" April 1, 2015 5.05

Plot: Rayna refuses to let Deacon wallow in his condition, but her support only frustrates him and pushes him away. Meanwhile, Avery, Gunnar and Scarlett are opening for Rascal Flatts on tour, but, when her past public meltdown haunts her on social media, Scarlett becomes wary of performing again. Meanwhile, Jeff and Layla continue to blur the lines of business and pleasure, sending Layla into a state of confusion. Will is enjoying his new writing partner Kevin, but hits a bump in the road when Kevin is mysteriously no longer available. Then, Sadie finds herself in a dangerous situation with her relentless ex-husband.

17. "This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin'" April 8, 2015 4.61

Plot: Juliette is excited about Rayna throwing her a star-studded baby shower, but when Rayna gets pulled into Sadie's drama instead of hosting, Juliette starts her own mama drama. Bucky and Luke Wheeler both are interested in signing rising singer/songwriter Ron Pope. Gunnar is upset by Scarlett growing closer to Dr. Rand, and Sadie finds a kindred spirit in an old friend.

18. "Nobody Knows But Me" April 15, 2015 4.62

Plot: With the arrival of his former fiancee in Nashville, Jeff finds himself face-to-face with Jade St. John. A powerhouse pop-star in Nashville on tour, Jeff is forced to revisit his past and work with the woman who once played a large role in both his personal and professional lives. Meanwhile, Deacon continues to cope with his cancer diagnosis - a secret that weighs heavily on his family - especially Maddie, who struggles with the news herself. While Juliette is eager to get back to work following the birth of her daughter, she quickly finds balancing motherhood and a music career challenging to say the least, while Avery struggles with his own responsibilities and his Triple Exes bandmates.

19. "The Storm Has Just Begun" April 22, 2015 5.32

Plot: The brightest stars of Nashville have gathered in support of Teddy’s music education initiative, “Note By Note,” where Juliette plans her return to the spotlight – and Layla finds herself thrust into it – alongside Jade St. John. At the gala, Rayna, Deacon, Maddie and Daphne get ready to take the stage and perform, but before they can, Deacon receives the call he’s been waiting for containing some life-changing news.

20. "Time Changes Things" April 29, 2015 4.70

Plot: Rayna travels to Natchez, MS to try to help Deacon and we learn how her past with him affects his life-and-death struggle today. Jade invites Luke, Jeff and Layla to her beachfront bash in her home in Malibu which turns into an all-night rager. Back in Nashville, new mom Juliette tries to jump-start her career with a last-minute rooftop concert, and Kiley returns to Gunnar with news that changes everything.

21. "Is The Better Part Over" May 6, 2015 4.99

Plot: Juliette is back in the news - and back to feeling like her old self -- following her rooftop performance high above Highway 65, but while she enjoys the attention, her team has growing concerns that she may be suffering from postpartum depression. Meanwhile, Will is surprised with an unexpected visit from his father, and learns his private life is about to become public when a tabloid obtains photos of Will and Kevin together. With Deacon's cancer diagnosis no longer a secret, he and Rayna grapple with the future and the real possibility that their time together will be cut short.

22. "Before You Go Make Sure You Know" May 13, 2015 4.65

Plot: Juliette is laser-focused on finishing her album – and when she puts everything and everyone she loves behind it – Avery makes a decision that impacts their lives forever. Deacon’s life hangs in the balance, but Rayna and the girls are by his side. With the clock ticking and the future uncertain, will they celebrate a life together?

Episode List

Episode Directed by Written by
"That's Me Without You" Callie Khouri Callie Khouri
"How Far Down Can I Go" Mario Van Peebles Meredith Lavender & Marcie Ulin
"I Can't Get Over You to Save My Life" Stephen Cragg David Gould
"I Feel Sorry For Me" Debra Fordham Elodie Keene
"Road Happy" Dana Greenblatt Arlene Sanford
"Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy" Thomas Carter Taylor Hamra
"I'm Coming Home to You" Mike Listo Monica Macer
"You're Lookin' at Country" Eric Close Geoffrey Nauffts
"Two Sides to Every Story" Stephen Cragg Ben St. John & Mollie Bickley St. John
"First to Have A Second Chance" Callie Khouri Meredith Lavender & Marcie Ulin
"I'm Not That Good at Goodbye" Jan Eliasberg Debra Fordham
"I've Got Reasons To Hate You" Jean de Segonzac Sibyl Gardner
"I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong" Michael Lohmann David Gould
"Somebody Pick Up My Pieces" Stephen Cragg Dana Greenblatt
"That's the Way Love Goes" Callie Khouri Callie Khouri
"I Can't Keep Away from You" Mike Listo Taylor Hamra
"This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin'" Michael Lohmann Paul Keables
"Nobody Knows But Me" Callie Khouri David Gould & Monica Macer
"The Storm Has Just Begun" Nelson McCormick Dana Greenblatt & Geoffrey Nauffts
"Time Changes Things" Arlene Sanford Debra Fordham
"Is The Better Part Over" Julie Hébert Meredith Lavender & Marcie Ulin
"Before You Go Make Sure You Know" Callie Khouri Dee Johnson & Callie Khouri

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