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Luke Wheeler is a country singer who was the fiancé of Rayna Jaymes


Season Two

Luke is a country music superstar who rose to fame alongside Rayna Jaymes. Although their professional paths have crossed numerous times and they’ve maintained a friendship throughout the years, it was only recently that Luke began actively courting a newly single Rayna. Their romantic relationship developed quickly, with the couple getting engaged shortly after they started dating.

Season Three

Just before the wedding was due to take place, Rayna broke off their relationship, which left Luke shocked and angry. After the split he begins to focus more on his music and creates his own label Wheelin' Dealin' Records, signing both Will Lexington and Juliette Barnes.

Season Four

He becomes involved in a fight with several people who aren't happy with him promoting Will due to his homosexuality. He leaves town after successfully helping Will to take down conservative pundit Cynthia Davis.

Season Five

After meeting Rayna and Zach Welles at one of his concerts, he reveals that his heart is no longer in promoting his label so he agrees to sell it to them as a merger with Highway 65.


Season Three:

Season Four:


Season Two:

Season Three:

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