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"You gotta go after what you want and never take no for an answer."
—Juliette Barnes to Maddie and Daphne Conrad
"Just, sometimes, I'd like to be that girl worth choosing."
—Juliette Barnes to Deacon Claybourne
"I am not going to say sorry twice."
—Juliette Barnes to Avery Barkley

Juliette Barnes is a country singer/songwriter who attempts to take over Rayna Jaymes' title of "Queen of Country". She is portrayed by Hayden Panettiere.


She is a dominant, sexy, confident woman who dragged herself to stardom despite her troubled past with a drug addicted mother. She is a cross-country artist sensation, chart topping the teenage market despite doubts about her talent from famous traditional country singer Rayna Jaymes.

Juliette sees Rayna as her immediate competition which leads the two to dislike each other. Growing up without a father or much attention from her mother, she doesn't know how to express affection and looks for love in the wrong places - usually the arms of many using men that just leave her lonely and hurt. She initially comes across as a spoiled demanding brat that treats her colleagues like servants. But she worked to get herself there, she knows how to play the game and she sure as hell isn't going to give that up for anyone. She's admitted knowing what it's like to be used for her money and fame, she seems angry at the world but really she's just a lonely teenage girl without any real friends or family that she can turn to. She will do whatever it takes to get to the top of the game, watch out Nashville!


Season One

Juliette Barnes is a young country singer targeting the youth market. Her record label wants her to team up with an older star, Rayna Jaymes. So, she's sent to Rayna's room to introduce herself. She does, but not before speaking to Rayna's friend Watty White first, and when she does, she makes no claim to be a fan; she says that her mother was a fan. Well, Rayna isn't all that keen on teaming up with her either, and it doesn't help relations between the two singers that Juliette has set her sights on Rayna's guitar player Deacon.

However, over the course of the show their relationship improves and they eventually become friends.  She elopes with football star Sean Butler but their marriage ends in a divorce when he accuses her of using him to advance her own career.  When her addict mother Jolene shows up she soon embarks on a relationship with her sober sponsor Dante Rivas.  Despite pleas from Jolene to end the relationship, they continue to get close before Avery catches them having sex.  Dante is fired from his job and threatens to release the sex tape unless he is paid for his services.  Jolene acquires a gun and prescription drugs and ends up shooting Dante before overdosing.

Season Two

After a public outcry following Juliette being filmed apparently saying there is no God, she goes into hiding but is encouraged by Avery to prove who she is.  They go busking which goes well and she cooks him food to thank him, which eventually leads to them sleeping together.  Deacon is the first to learn of their relationship and approves of it.  However, in a moment of weakness Juliette sleeps with Jeff Fordham and Avery learns about it from Gunnar and Zoey, leading to him splitting from Juliette.

Season Three

While auditioning for a role in the Patsy Cline biopic Juliette starts to break down over her failed relationship with Avery and later learns that she is pregnant.  Fortunately the father of the baby turns out to be Avery and she tells him at the CMAs that they are expecting a girl. After talking to his mother about his future with Juliette, he decides to propose to her and they marry in a small ceremony.  Juliette later gives birth but Avery starts to notice a big change in her behavior when she refuses to hold the baby and suspects she may have postpartum depression, which Juliette denies.  He eventually leaves town with their daughter.

Season Four

Avery seeks a divorce which causes Juliette to go off the deep end, culminating in a suicide attempt which ends the life of Jeff Fordham, who tries to save her from throwing herself off the roof of a building.

Juliette enters rehab and after she recovers she tries to make amends with Avery.  They remain on good terms for the sake of their daughter and when she is out of town promoting her film, she realizes how much she misses being with Avery.  On her way back to Nashville, her plane crashes.

Season Five

The plane crash leaves her the sole survivor and she is confined to a wheelchair until she begins to regain some sensation in her legs.  Avery moves back in with her to help out and following Rayna's death she decides to become Maddie's manager.  Since Avery never signed the divorce papers, they are still married.

After Avery decides to head out on tour, she is left at home to care for Cadence but since her gospel album garnered negative reviews she ended up recording a song meant for Maddie, which was nominated for an AMA. However, she eventually owned up to her deceit following Maddie discovering what she had done and Deacon telling her she would be off the label if it survived its woes and withdrew her nomination.

Season Six

Several months later, she continues to suffer from bouts of depression and Avery takes her away for a weekend trip where she met a charismatic man named Darius Enright. She eventually contacts him after seeing a report about him being a motivational speaker and decides to meet with him. He tells her that he could help cure her unhappiness but Avery is sceptical that she may be getting herself involved in a cult. She continues to help out and is told that she must leave her old life behind to achieve true happiness. Avery wakes up one night to find her gone and discovers that she is not answering her phone. He eventually tracks her down to Bolivia but when he shows up she tells him that she will not be returning home to be with him and Cadence, which leaves him devastated.

Realising that the place is a cult, she demands to leave, only to be locked in her room with another member called Rosa guarding her door. After Rosa realises Juliette is pregnant, she helps her to escape, also telling her that the Movement is holding her own son captive from her. Juliette arrives home to find Avery with Alannah, but rather than being angry asks to see her daughter. She tells Hallie that she has lost Avery for good and reveals that she is pregnant. When Cadence runs a temperature she and Avery bring her to the hospital and Juliette thinks they are bonding again until Alannah rings. Juliette later holds a press conference about the Movement and reveals that she is quitting the music industry for good.

In the series finale, Avery expresses concern about Juliette giving up her career but she reassures him that she will be fine. A few months latter, a heavily pregnant Juliette is in her new home with Cadence and Avery shows up. He tells her that he cannot see himself living without her and Cadence and she silences him before the three of them go off to look at the goats.



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Season One

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Season Three

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  • She drives a convertible Corvette
  • Originally from Alabama
  • She and Avery Barkley become parents during season 3.
  • Around season 3, Juliette never wanted children or have a daughter because of her mother wasn't exactly a great role model growing up. Juliette already messed up a lot of people lives when they support her and she was afraid she would mess up Cadence's life. That is why she didn't want children, she doesn't want to mess up her life.
  • In season 4A, she was a bigger mess and a lot worse than she was around season 1-3. When she suffered depression. She finally got help and went to rehab in Season 4B. Become a better person.
  • Juliette never says this before, Rayna was like a mother figure or a second mother to Juliette. When Rayna died, Juliette lost another mother again. Rayna was like the Mom that Juliette ever wanted, even though she never said it.


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