Jonah Ford is a singer who is a teen sensation.


Introduced in the final season premiere New Strings, he invites Maddie Conrad to be an opening act for him and afterwards they hit it off, exchanging phone numbers.  He fails to show up at a pre-arranged rehersal and later meets her outside her hotel, apologizing for not showing up and offers to fly her home to Nashville.  When they get home they have a meal together.

They meet up again at a nightclub, where he introduces her to his entourage, which includes his childhood friend Twig Wysecki. They record a song together but are hounded by the paparazzi as they leave the studio and after the photos of them appear online, labelling Maddie as Jonah's new girlfriend, he tells her that he wishes he did not live this kind of life and she says she is reluctant to date celebrities. They visit a retirement home and have fun playing bingo.

Daphne later finds a video by Jonah's ex Mia Forster and shows it to Maddie. Jonah tries to make amends with Maddie, who is being hounded by the paparazzi, and tells her that he is sick of being seen as a heartthrob and that it is not who he really is. He invites her to a press party and later they buy donuts for the customers in a coffee shop.

He later invites Maddie to join him in Miami and they perform their duet at his gig later that evening. However, he is soon called away for an audition for Richard Linklater's new movie and while Maddie is visibly disappointed she bonds with Twig after the latter is coaxed into doing magic mushrooms with the other members of Jonah's entourage.

Jonah's ex-girlfriend Mia gets back in contact with him and threatens to kill herself when he tries to break off contact with her. He maintains contact with her, asking Twig not to let Maddie know, but the latter catches the two of them together at Jonah's pajamas party and breaks up with him. Twig argues with him about the way he treated Maddie and later refuses to accompany him and his other entourage members to Europe.

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