Jolene Barnes was Juliette Barnes's mother. She had many drug and alcohol problems over the years. Eventually, Jolene commits suicide after murdering Juliette's ex-boyfriend Dante.


In the pilot episode Juliette gets a phone call from her mother and she throws her phone in the trash and tells her assistant to make sure that she (Jolene) never gets her number again.  Juliette makes her go to rehab where she eventually gets clean.

After being released from rehab she tries to build a relationship with her daughter, she struggled at first as Juliette didn't want a relationship but eventually they start to get along. Juliette invites Jolene and her sober companion Dante Rivas on tour with her and they accept. Dante and Juliette begin a relationship but Jolene has developed feelings for Dante. Jolene tells Juliette she saw Dante kissing another woman but Juliette confronts the woman who says there's nothing go on between them and believes Jolene made it up to get between her and Dante. Drugs get planted on Jolene so Juliette thinks she's taking drugs again and sends her to rehab but then realizes her mother is allergic to the drugs and so can't be hers as she would be dead. After calling Dante, Juliette realizes it was him. Dante demands money ($10 million) in exchange for an SD card that holds Dante and Juliette's sex tape. Jolene calls Dante inviting him over. She gets high before shooting Dante, destroying the SD card with the tape, and then over doses.

She appears in flashbacks in the Season Five episode 'Til I Can Make It On My Own when Juliette has anxiety attacks prior to returning to the stage.


She tries her best to please her daughter despite Juliette's constant insults and snaps at her. She is nice to everyone she met once she was clean. She's social at public events. Once you see her get clean you immediately like her. In the past, she wasn't a good mother. She was twice as bad as Juliette growing up. Juliette was a mess and she did pass on her drug and alcoholism to her. Juliette got better and became a better person.

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