"You owe me."
—Jason Scott to Gunnar

Jason Scott was Gunnar's older brother and the biological father of Micah Brenner.


Jason was paroled in I'm Sorry for You My Friend. He later was found with a gun and sold Gunnar's Gibson guitar. In You Win Again, Gunnar learns that Jason never made it to his halfway house. In There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight, Jason shows up needing a place to live and claims to have ditched the gun (a lie). Scarlett refuses but eventually allows him to stay for one night. After Jason makes breakfast and plays guitar on "Casino" with Gunnar, Scarlett allows him to stay as long as he pleases. In Dear Brother, Gunnar found the gun in Jason's laundry and confronted him. Gunnar threw it into the lake and told Jason he was on his own.

Later on, Gunnar was asked by the cops to come and identify a body at the morgue. Jason had been beaten to death in an alley.

It was revealed via a DNA test in First to Have A Second Chance that Jason was the biological father of Micah Brenner. In Time Changes Things, Micah's mother Kiley Brenner revealed that she became pregnant when Jason raped her at a party while she was sleeping.

He is shown as a kid in the Season Five episode Speed Trap Town learning of his parents' deaths at school and also jamming with Gunnar in their bedroom before sneaking out the window.