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Jake Maitland is the son of Brad Maitland and Jessie Caine.


Season Five

First mentioned in the episode (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I, Jessie tells Deacon that her ex-husband is keeping her from seeing him and later mentions that he has been painting her as a bad mother.

In the season finale, she brings him to his father's workplace and Daphne later encounters him at a summer pool party, approaching him when she sees him on his own. Jessie later collects both of them from the party but he does not engage in much conversation with either of them.

Season Six

Daphne tries to make conversation with him at school and even teams up with him on a biology project but falls out with him when he says that Deacon is a raging alcoholic.  As a result, she gets detention along with him for walking out of class and Jessie punishes him by taking away his phone.  However, the two youngsters make amends.

They participate in the school talent show where he performs his own rap. While his father feigns delight at his son's talent, Deacon can see that Jake has something special and encourages to express himself more freely.

He later reveals to his mother that his father intends on sending him away to boarding school and refuses to leave his room or talk to her. When his father shows up, a fight breaks out which is broken up by Deacon as a shocked Jessie looks on.

Brad issues Jessie with a summons for full custody of Jake, which leads to Deacon and her breaking up. However, with Alannah, Deacon and Zach's help, Jessie and other women who Brad has harassed stand up to him and Jessie demands that Brad grants her full custody of their son. Jake is last seen watching a horror movie with his mother.