Emily is a personal assistant to Juliette Barnes.


She helps handle Juliette's mother, organizes a party for Deacon Claybourne on Juliette's behalf, and even waits at Deacon's doorstep with a present from Juliette to him. It is Emily who is tasked with taking Jolene back to Nashville and finding her a new sober companion.

She also tries to help when Juliette falls pregnant and wants the baby adopted. 

When Juliette has a mental breakdown, she takes care of Cadence and is photographed by the paparazzi spending time with Avery.  Juliette believes that they're romantically involved and gets angry at her.  However, she is the first person Juliette contacts after she admits herself to rehab for postpartum depression.

When Juliette is determined to find the woman who saved her life following her plane crash, Emily takes her to the church where she heard her singing.

She takes care of Cadence when Avery flies to Bolivia to convince Juliette to come home to be with them after the latter has become involved with a self-help movement.  However, she refuses to leave.

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