Damien George

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Damien George is a music video director who is a friend of Zach Welles.


Introduced in the Season Five episode Leap of Faith, he is recommended to Rayna Jaymes by Zach Welles as a director for The Exes' new music video.

When they shoot the video, Damien is not pleased with Scarlett's refusal to act sexy as she says it's not something that she feels comfortable with. However, she finally gives in to doing the video his way.

In the episode Hurricane, he does a TV interview with The Exes and Gunnar tells her to go out to dinner with him when he's unable to due to other commitments. She does so and when they meet again outside the Highway 65 offices he tells her that he's leaving for Barcelona and she thanks him for his work. Later he texts her saying he needs to see her.

Having remained in Nashville, he meets Scarlett for lunch and they later sleep together after she splits from Gunnar. Following Scarlett's revelation that she is pregnant he is revealed to be the father but when she tells him he is shocked.  She later decides to call off the relationship and he leaves town.

He never gets to meet his child, a daughter, since Scarlett suffers a miscarriage following an encounter with a group of muggers while she is at the supermarket with Gunnar.

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