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Come See About Me is a song written by Lamont Dozier and brothers Brian and Eddie Holland for Motown girl group The Supremes in 1964, their third of five straight number one singles. It was performed by Scarlett O'Connor and Zoey Dalton in the Season Two episode You're No Angel Yourself.

It is included on the deluxe edition of The Music of Nashville (Season 2, Volume 1).


Zoey: I've been crying
'Cause I'm lonely (for you)

Scarlett: Smiles have all turned to tears
But tears won't wash away the fears

Both: That you're never ever gonna return
To ease the fire that within me burns

Zoey: It keeps me crying baby for you
Keeps me sighin' baby for you
So won't you hurry?
Come on boy, see about me
(Come see about me)

Scarlett: See about you baby

Scarlett: I've given up my friends just for you
My friends are gone
And you have too

Zoey: No peace shall I find
Until you come back
And be mine

Both: No matter what you do or say
I'm gonna love you anyway

Zoey: Keep on crying baby for you
I'm gonna keep sighin' baby for you

Scarlett: So come on hurry
Come on and see about me
(Come see about me)
See about you baby

Both: Sometime's up
Sometime's down

Zoey: My life's so uncertain
With you not around

Both: From my arms you maybe out of reach
But my heart says you're here to keep

Zoey: Keeps me crying baby for you
Keep on, keep on crying baby for you
So won't you hurry
Come on boy, see about me (Come see about me)

Scarlett: See about you baby (Come see about me)

Zoey: You know I'm so lonely (Come see about me)

Scarlett: I love you only (Come see about me)

Both: See about your baby (Come see about me)
Hurry, hurry


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