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Colt Wheeler is the son of Luke Wheeler and the brother of Sage Wheeler.


He is first introduced to Rayna and her daughters by Luke. He has a huge social network following and seems interested in mixing songs (especially Hip-hop). While in Maddie and Daphne's company, he sees them performing a song and decides to add music to it. Unfortunately, it gets a lot of attention online and Luke forces him to take it down.

Maddie soon takes a shine to him and they begin a relationship, much against their parents' wishes. At one stage, she suggests sleeping together but Colt isn't so sure. However, while on the road with Luke they end up sleeping together.

Colt later gets drunk at a party and goes outside to get some fresh air. He sees Juliette Barnes about to kill herself, and witnesses Jeff Fordham saving her and falling off the roof to his death. He wants Luke to tell the truth but Luke refuses and tells him to keep quiet. Having enough of his father's refusal to reveal the real reason why Jeff died, Colt goes to live with his grandfather.

At Rayna and Deacon's wedding, Colt tells Layla Grant the truth about Jeff's death, unintentionally setting off her quest to take down Juliette.

Colt soon becomes tired of Maddie's rebellious behavior, including being more interested in having a music career, and dumps her.

He decides to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and enlist in the US Army but needs his father's permission but although reluctant at first, Luke decides to fulfill his son's wishes.

Sometime later, Luke receives word that Colt has been injured and rushes to the hospital. When he comes to, Colt admits that he was attacked by the other army trainees who were badmouthing his father over his association with Will Lexington. After being discharged, Colt returns to the Army base.