Carl Hockney is a man who is an avid Rayna Jaymes fan.


Introduced in the Season Five episode Let's Put It Back Together Again, he approaches Rayna and Bucky on the street and asks the former for a selfie, which Bucky takes. She is kind of taken aback when he enquires about Maddie being home but she just dismisses it as being part of the perks of being famous.

He arrives at the Highway 65 offices in the episode Love Hurts and demands to see Rayna, saying he needs to talk to her.  Frightened, she asks for the police to be called as Bucky attempts to apprehend him.

In the following episode, it is revealed that Rayna has taken a restraining order out against him but he violates it when he shows up at Maddie's school wanting her to give her mother a package.  A news report reveals that he has been stalking Rayna for months.

In the episode Stand Beside Me, he shows up outside Rayna's house having broken the terms of his bail and later shows up at the Highway 65 offices while she's there alone, saying he hid in the broom closet. He reveals that his first name is actually Wayne and that he feels he has a connection to Rayna through her music. She tries to talk him out of harming her, revealing parts of her past about her own parents and after attempting to call 911 he takes her hostage but eventually releases her unharmed. He is then taken back into custody by the police.

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