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Beverly O'Connor (née Claybourne) was the mother of Scarlett O'Connor and the sister of Deacon Claybourne.


She felt betrayed by Deacon and Scarlett because they didn't tell her she had a niece, Maddie Conrad. In one episode, Scarlett dedicates the song "Black Roses" to her mother in sound check. She appeared angry while Scarlett sang it. After the song, Beverly asks why she did that and pushes Scarlett up against a brick wall, hurting her and causing her to become mentally unable to perform.

When Deacon was diagnosed with cancer, she was initially reluctant to help her brother but eventually relented.  She lied about being told that she was an unsuitable match for her brother but when the truth came out they went through with the operation which ended up putting her in a coma.  Deacon blamed himself for her condition but Beverly eventually awoke.  Sadly, this wasn't to last as she suffered another aneurysm and Scarlett made the difficult decision to take her off life support against Deacon's wishes.


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