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Alyssa Greene is a Silicon Valley marketing expert and the chief strategy officer for Highway 65.


Introduced in the Season Five episode A Change Would Do You Good, she meets everyone at the Highway 65 offices and tells them that the way to move the label forward is by striking a deal to market products with well-known companies. These include having The Exes market baby cribs since Scarlett is pregnant.

After Scarlett faces backlash from The Exes' fans over falling pregnant with another man's child Alyssa advises her that she could ease the pain by playing a fundraiser for a women's charity.

While celebrating Maddie's video shoot for her song "Saved", the studio execs keep pressurizing Maddie to get up onstage for some karaoke but Alyssa takes over, which Maddie hears as she leaves.

In the season finale, Alyssa meets Deacon as he is heading to the Bluebird and surprises him by kissing him, saying that she can see the sadness in him.

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