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Albert is an employee of Wyatt Industries.


Season One

Albert is involved in discussions with Lamar Wyatt and his daughter Tandy as to usage of some land that Lamar had planned to be the site of a new stadium.

When Lamar is hospitalized for a heart attack, Albert brings Tandy some information so that she can get up to date as CFO, and convinces her that taking the time to do so is what Lamar would want her to do. 

In the last episode of Season One, Tandy finds Albert and Lamar discussing the site Lamar had picked out for Nashville's new stadium as if it still has a chance of being chosen. Tandy expresses surprise. She'd thought Albert had been arguing for retail usage. Albert explains that they had been discussing alternatives. Lamar tells her that in view of Albert's vision aligning more closely with his, he was promoting him. Tandy asks if that means he's demoting her. Lamar says, No; he's just promoting Albert above her. Tandy immediately resigns from Wyatt Industries.